How Much Online Influence Do You Have?

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 9.56.17 AMKlout is a score between 1-100 that is determined by aggregating your activity and engagement across several social media sites. The higher your Klout score the more influential you are online.

Does Online Influence Matter? 

Twenty years ago advertising agency types used a word like “brand” only when referring to very large companies like Coca Cola, Ford or Proctor & Gamble. Today the reality of a “brand” has become so accessible that we are all a “brand” in one way or another.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the greatest impact on a brand is word of mouth advertising. People saying great things about your brand or engaging with your brand is still the best form of brand building there is. In social marketing terms, a like, a retweet or a comment are all forms of word of mouth validation for your brand.

That is why I believe online influence matters and why I think you should pay attention to your Klout score.

Does Klout Help You Make Money? 

Yes and let me share a couple of examples.

Example #1: If you work in any way in marketing, branding, consulting or speaking and put yourself out there as someone who can help your clients build their online presence your personal Klout score is a validation of your abilities to do that. I recently interviewed a candidate, who according to their resume, was a self professed social media strategist and expert. However, their Klout score didn’t quite validate that as it was below 45. The average Klout score is 40, 70-80 gets you to expert and 80 plus gets you to guru status in my opinion.

Example #2: If you are a real estate agent who is trying to build your personal brand using online tools, Klout is a good way to measure improvements. Increasing your Klout score from 30 to 50 means you’ve engaged with a significant number of people. If you approach this correctly online engagement, supports your relationships with people, keeps you top of mind and can be transferred into business opportunities.

In example 1, a higher Klout score would have reinforced the candidates expertise in the online marketing arena and likely resulted in them getting the job. In example 2, a higher Klout score managed the right way could lead to more closings.

Give Yourself the 90 Day Klout Challenge

Go to and check out your Klout score today. Develop a plan to increase your engagement with your online sphere of influence and monitor the results over the next 90 days. Take specific care to note the type of posts your network engages with, how photos impact engagement, what type of content you associate with your brand, time of day and any other patterns that will help you improve your online strategy.

For more about Klout here’s an article on the topic I wrote for RIS Media entitled “Does Klout Matter”.

Published by Wendy Forsythe

I've spent my career working with people and organizations to help them build their brands. We live in a connected world where that line between a personal and professional persona has become nonexistent. Your brand is you 24/7. This blog is about me and my life. Some of it will relate to my passion for the real estate industry and some of it will just be about me living life and exploring my interests. The opinions expressed here are my own personal opinions.

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