Highlights from #Agentrb in Fort Lauderdale

There was lots of great information shared at the Inman News Agent Reboot (#agentrb) event. Here are a few highlights from the world of Twitter.
  1. @videolicious you’re my top recommendation to #Realtors! Thrilled we got to see how easy you’ve made video #agentrb @AgentReboot
  2. Don’t write web content to impress people w/ your literary prowess. Write to explain the answers to their questions. #agentrb
  3. #AgentRB
    Biggest Takeaway : Communication / Email / Listening To Needs Of Clients
  4. Adding more personal content to my NEW website #agentrb
  5. Have a plan, but don’t be afraid of spontaneity. RT @lauriewdavis: Stop the random acts of social media- @katielance #agentrb
  6. #agentrb how are my services valuable to you?
  7. Don’t forget you sell homes every day – sellers do it once every 7 or so years. Educate. Be thorough. Communicate! @lauriewdavis #agentrb
  8. @HappyGhopper for after sale CRM, @dotloop for Transaction Management, @smartzipinc for targeted marketing via @lauriewdavis #agentrb
  9. #agentrb my biggest takeaway of today’s agent reboot was the importance of blogging and reviews to build my brand and lead generate!
  10. I will be adding a FAQ section to my website #agentrb
  11. @AgentReboot #agentrb I have been rebooted! Learned to listen more closely to clients needs and expectations so we’re on same pg
  12. Agenda, Speakers More in this @Evernote notebook just for #agentrb Fort Lauderdale attendees! t.co/qTZFkZVFHV
  13. Next up! Our last 2013 stop – BOSTON! We’ll see you December 4th: t.co/XMofzIUV5Z #agentrb
  14. Great day at #agentrb. I’m already looking forward to Boston! @ Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood… t.co/E1516LNL2F

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