SXSW Day 2- Elon Musk and 3D Printing

Day 2 SXSW highlights: Watching Chris Anderson interview Elon Musk was fascinating and a bit uncomfortable when Chris praised him for his success at founding PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors and then slammed him for his not so successful personal life. Elon’s response “You can have great accomplishment, but it you are not having funContinue reading “SXSW Day 2- Elon Musk and 3D Printing”

Les Brown- Still An Inspiration

Back in the late 1990’s I was armed with a college degree, a few years of real estate experience and a whole lot of uncertainty about what my goals and dreams were. I grew up, went to school and started my career all in the same town in Nova Scotia, Canada.  My real estate careerContinue reading “Les Brown- Still An Inspiration”

Navigating #SXSW

South by South West (#SXSW) in a huge interactive, film and music conference that happens yearly in Austin. It’s been on my to-do list for a few years and this year I’m happy to be a first time attendee! I thought I was organized and prepared to get myself off to a great start. However, wasContinue reading “Navigating #SXSW”

Scarcity, Abundance, Trust, Connection and Surprise

Something to think about… Scarcity and abundance have been flipped. High-quality work is no longer scarce. Competence is no longer scarce, either. We have too many good choices—there’s an abundance of things to buy and people to hire. What’s scarce is trust, connection, and surprise.  This is a quote from Seth Godin’s new book TheContinue reading “Scarcity, Abundance, Trust, Connection and Surprise”