Helping Real Estate Professionals Build Their Brands

We are all a work in progress. Join me on my adventures.

I’ve spent my career working with people and organizations to help them build their brands. We live in a connected world where that line between a personal and professional persona has become nonexistent. Your brand is you 24/7. This website is about me and my life. Some of it will relate to my passion for the real estate and technology industry and some of it will just be about me living life and exploring my interests.

My Best Travel Tips

Tips to get you to your destination even when you are dealing with mechanical problems, weather delays and cancelled flights.

Inman Connect January 2020

Inman Connect in New York City. Trends, take aways and pages of notes. What’s on the minds of industry executives, what’s new in tech, what do we need to know.

Technology, Strategy and #girlpower

Another week of travel filled with a strategic planning meeting, a technology launch for brokers and some insights from the trenches of the real estate world.